Club Breston Devorah

Hello guys!! I’m Devorah and I’m coming back with exciting news this year. News and surprises that I am sure you will love. Breston, one of the most emblematic clubs in Barcelona, is my new acquisition and the place where you can interact with my little angels.

It is a new experience for me, as well as for many of you who I already know from the old times. With the acquisition of the Club you can now visit us as always, but this time at María Cubí 111. We are waiting for you !!

Come and relax at the Breston & Devorah Club. At our facility, specially reserved for you, you will enjoy maximum privacy.

A Very Special & Unique Club in Barcelona

Breston&Devorah Club - Maria Cubí 111

Men Seeking Company

Come by our Club to have a drink and be seduced by one of our charming little angels and perhaps have a casual meeting.

Men Wanting to Party

If you feel like having a drink and partying with one of our charming little angels, you can request a private booth.

Men Craving for Emotions

With a comfortable private booth in our facilities there is no taboo; the limit is up to you. We will try our best to fulfill your fantasies.

Our facilities are prepared to offer an excellent service. They are always in perfect conditions. We have fully equipped areas with complete bathrooms, as well as bar service in an elegant area at your disposal. We can also offer you a second private area with a discreet access door.

It is an ambient where you can relax with excellent company. We will make your dreams come true and also enjoy an unforgettable experience. Call us

Our Little Angels














Private Party Room

Private Party Room - Maria Cubí 94

Discreet entrance a few feet away from the Club

Private Date

You can date any escort you like. She will be waiting in the Private Area, using a discreet doorway, if you prefer it that way.

Bachelor Parties

If you have a group of friends who want to celebrate a bachelor party with style and have a good time, in Breston & Devorah we have the best vibe and company.

Private Parties

If you need a place for a private, discreet and slightly risque event at Breston Devorah Club we have all the room you need.

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The Breston & Devorah club has a private party room 20 meters away from the main Club to set up private events.


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    ¿What Makes Us Special?

    The Most Beautiful Escorts

    At Club Breston & Devorah we have the most beautiful escorts in Barcelona waiting for you.

    Style and Distinction

    Our little angels are hot, sext and know how to strike up conversations with all clients. They are loved and will treat you in a distinguished way.

    Flexible Schedules

    At Breston & Devorah Club you can stop by at any time in the afternoon or evening to enjoy the vibe and relax with a drink.

    Unique Facilities

    We have two private luxury rooms, 2 suites with a hot tub or Jacuzzi. 6 Private Booths. Enjoy the best possible experience with us.

    Room for Private Parties

    At Club Breston & Devorah we have a separated area for private parties that you can book and rent for hours or nights. It has a discreet access inside the building.

    Private Booths

    At Club Breston & Devorah we have several private booths and different rooms to enjoy the elegant company of our escorts.

    Taxi Service

    If you want to visit the Breston & Devorah Club, contact us and we will send a taxi to pick you up at your place.

    Pol Dance

    Each of our facilities includes a pol dance bar for you to enjoy a special show.